Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Outlook Sort Your Emails by Conversation in Outlook 2010


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I had come across something recently and had to share it.

If you have Outlook 2010 you can set your folders to be in conversation views. With this view you can see emails that are associated to an email. This not only shows emails from the current folder but ANY folder in your email account.

For example if you have a message come in from someone about something and you had filed the previous email about that topic in a separate folder, for organizational purposes, you will see that other email show as a conversation under that incoming message.

It sounds more difficult than it really it is. It is actually VERY easy to do and VERY easy to undo if you don't like it.

 Check it out.

I would do a whole write up on it but why when others have already. Here is a link to a good write up of it.

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