Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Speak to Me Adobe Reader

I wonder:

I have a bunch of PDFs to read through and want wondered if there was a adobe reader speaking tool. A tool that will read tome the PDF.


Why yes there is an option. Its built right into the Adobe Reader application.

Steps to activate this feature in Adobe Reader:
  1. Open any pdf file in Adobe Reader
  2. Go to “View” Menu
  3. Click on “Read Out Loud” option
  4. Click on “Activate Read out Loud” option or use Shortcut as Shift+Ctrl+Y
 Once this feature is activated, use following shortcuts for different related tasks;
  1. Read Current Page Only – Shift+Ctrl+V
  2. Read Entire Document – Shift+Ctrl+B
  3. Pause Reading – Shift+Ctrl+C
  4. Stop Reading – Shift+Ctrl+E

Here is where I found the information at:

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How to find just a folder in Windows 7 Search


I am at a new job and wanted to search there VAST directories and locations for a mentioned folder. Lets say the folder is "SourceSafe".

The resolution:

It was simpler than I thought, unfortunately I couldn't find it anywhere real easily. 

When in the search area input:
type:folder sourcesafe

This type search function allows you to search a type of object and I did some guessing and ran upon it.

Here is a link to help with some other search tips: