Monday, December 2, 2013

Gimme all the Groups and their users


I need a list of  all of the user groups from a system and what users are inside of them.

Now I notice that there are not just users, there are users both local and domain, and also possible other groups. The domain part is interesting. Also the groups in a group poses a problem. It doesn't give me the user.


Well of course there were problems.
a. The servers i needed to talk to are locked down tighter than Uncle Scrooges coin purse. So no getting the information remotely. 

The resolution 1:

Make a script to export this information. I ultimately ended up using VBScript as i usually end up doing for these types of scripts. After some googling and stitching together of some code I ended up with this. It is a script that dumps a tab delimited text file to your desktop of all the groups with their users/groups listed. 

The Code 1:

'Set the var objShell to run shell commands against
Set objShell    = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

'Set the var userProfilePath using previous shell variable to get the users profile path
userProfilePath = objShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%UserProfile%")

'Set the var wshNetwork to equal the network object
Set wshNetwork  = WScript.CreateObject"WScript.Network" )

'Set the var strComputerName as the computers name using the previous network object var
strComputerName = wshNetwork.ComputerName

'Set where to dump th txt file too.
outFile  = userProfilePath & "\desktop\output1.txt"

'Create the file the "true" flag is there to overwrite the file if it exists.
Set objFile = objFSO.CreateTextFile(outFile,True)

'Create variables to be used later
Dim host
Dim group
Dim member

'Set the host, computer name, to be used to look up the. Since i do not have network access I just use localhost.
host = "localhost"

'Loop through the results of GetObject to get all the "groups"

For Each group In GetObject("WinNT://" & host)

If group.Class = "Group" Then

'Loop through the members of that group to get a list of the members
  For Each member In group.members

'write the computer name, group and its members to the txt file. 
   objFile.Write strComputerName & vbTab & & vbTab & & vbCrLf

'Go to the next member till no more members in that group

'End the if statement if  the group class is not a group class type.
End If

'End the loop of  all the class objects.

Problems #2?

I need the FULL list of users. Lets see if we can get a list of users from the groups of the groups we just pulled from.. umm.. could this turn into an infinite loop?

Info finding:

So after the "For Each member In group.members" i did some digging after finding some other properties i could dig into.

I am using WScript.Echo member.? to get the information.. so like WScript.Echo member.class

class =  the class of the object, such as; user and group

AdsPath = gives the path of the object..
Formatted like: WinNT://pathName/objectName
Example: WinNT://MyComputer21/Bob

Name = the name of the object.. like the name: Bob

Parent = This one gives where the object comes from.. this i want..
Formated like WinNT://location
Example: Domain = WinNT://MICROSOFT
               Machine = WinNT://MyComputer21

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