Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Update UCS Software with Kbox


I need to update the UCS Outlook Connector with the latest version.


Use the Kbox 1000 to do it.

How is it going to work:

My thought is
  • Use the "Managed Installations" in the "Distribution" area
  • Use a smart label to get the systems that need the newest installation
    • based off the specific UCS software installed on the system.
  • The install of the new software must be installed when Outlook is closed.

The work:

  • Failure can't use a software smart label for a distribution.Made a smart label:
    • Name:
      • SoftwareUCS-
    • Item Type:
      • Software
    • sql:
  • Make a smart machine label
    • Name
      • MachinesWithUcs7.2.1.520
    • Item Type
      • Machine
    • SQL
    • The smart label is not acting correctly
      • I test the smart label works in testing
        • it shows the machines that are suppose to be listed.
    • It was working correctly. I guess a Smart label doesn't update till the computer checks in and attaches that smart label to itself. Weird way of doing it, seeing I don't think I have seen smart labels act like this before. 
    • I forced an checkin for the machines and it did populate the smart label.

The Result

This is a simple msi install script that uses smart labels to choose what system to run the script on. It is up and working.

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