Friday, May 10, 2013

Stuck Pinned Icons


I came in to my computer this morning and noticed that I my pinned Outlook icon on my windows 7 taskbar was in the wrong area. I know a little OCD, but we continue. After trying to move the icon to a better location it would bounce back to where it was. Ok this has to be fixed.


After some searching and investigating I came across several things that might have fixed the issue. Maybe one of them, maybe all of them. Anyways here are some of the interesting things I found.

  • Out of all them this is my favorite.
    • Somehow in Windows 7 icons in your taskbar may stay highlighted for unknown reasons, or maybe known but i just dont know of

      Anyway heres the quick little fix that will most certainly work.

      When you are having this issue then simple hold down SHIFT and RIGHT-CLICK on a icon in your taskbar and they wont stick on highlighting anymore.
I have to run off to a meeting.. i will try and put more here.. sorry if I don't.

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