Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fresh Windows 7 install won't update

Fresh Windows 7 install won't update

If you have installed a fresh Windows 7  recently you might have run across an issue where it won't finish running Windows Update. It just hangs and runs and churns and seems to never finish. There is a resolution, and it was ultimately found at

Here is the resolution and break down of that forum update.

The Resolution

I won't go into why this doesn't work, or how MS screwed up, I will just put the fix here. 

  1. Install SP1 if you haven't, and restart.
  2. Install the latest windows update, use Method 2 where you just download and install the update, and restart.
  3. Install Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3102810), and restart.
  4. Last install IE 11, and restart. 

After all the restarts and the installs try and run Windows Update again.

NOTE it will still take what seems like for ever still, this is because it's downloading over 200 updates to your machine. 

Hope this helps. Let me know if this does or doesn't work, I would like to know and I am sure other will also. 

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