Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Robocopy to the backup rescue

Robocopy to the backup rescue

So recently I had a client that had a SBS 2008 box that had a RAID issue. It had what known as a Punctured RAID , I will call it PR in this post. You can more on that here: http://www.dell.com/support/Article/us/en/04/438291/EN. The wonderful thing about a PR is they rear their ugly head till its too late. Well this client was too late.

The main reason I found out about this PR is that this clients Backup Exec kept failing. After fighting with the Backup Exec for over a week I finally found in the error logs something about this PR. This is what was making the Backup Exec fail. I could get into a lengthy discussion on this and at some point in time I might do that. 

Needless to  say because we couldn't use anything we threw at this server to back it up with out failing, and we tried a lot of options, I decided to use robocopy to try and keep at least a file level backup running for this server till we came up with a final solution for this issue. 

So this is the script I ended up making. I ran this as a nightly scheduled task with System user privileges. 

I know the script is kinda hacky and could be written better and more efficiently but it has a lot going on in it and I wanted to share. 

So basically it stops some services, robocopys files to an external drive then starts the services back up. 

With the mir option in the robocopy it made the copy very fast every night because it only grabbed what had been modified.

I used "net stop" and "net start" for some of the services.
I also used Powershell command Stop-Service  and Start-Services to start/start other services.

I broke out the main directories in the c: drive so that i could log what was happening in each directory when the robocopy ran.
In the robocopy sections I used the options:
/MIR :: MIRror a directory tree (equivalent to /E plus /PURGE).
/XJD :: eXclude Junction points for Directories.
/R:n :: number of Retries on failed copies: default 1 million.
/W:n :: Wait time between retries: default is 30 seconds.
/TEE :: output to console window, as well as the log file
/LOG:file :: output status to LOG file (overwrite existing log).

net stop msexchangeadtopology /y
net stop msftesql-exchange /y
net stop msexchangeis /y
net stop msexchangesa /y
net stop iisadmin /y

PowerShell.exe -Command "Stop-Service *sql* -Force"

robocopy "c:\Boot"  "F:\Backuprobocopy\Boot" /MIR /XJD    /w:1 /r:1 /V /tee /log:"f:\backuprobocopyBoot.log"
robocopy "c:\dell"  "F:\Backuprobocopy\dell" /MIR /XJD    /w:1 /r:1 /V /tee /log:"f:\backuprobocopydell.log"
robocopy "c:\drivers"  "F:\Backuprobocopy\drivers" /MIR /XJD    /w:1 /r:1 /V /tee /log:"f:\backuprobocopydrivers.log"
robocopy "c:\ExchangeSetupLogs"  "F:\Backuprobocopy\ExchangeSetupLogs" /MIR /XJD    /w:1 /r:1 /V /tee /log:"f:\backuprobocopyExchangeSetupLogs.log"
robocopy "c:\inetpub"  "F:\Backuprobocopy\inetpub" /MIR /XJD    /w:1 /r:1 /V /tee /log:"f:\backuprobocopyinetpub.log"
robocopy "c:\OpenManage"  "F:\Backuprobocopy\OpenManage" /MIR /XJD    /w:1 /r:1 /V /tee /log:"f:\backuprobocopyOpenManage.log"
robocopy "c:\PerfLogs"  "F:\Backuprobocopy\PerfLogs" /MIR /XJD    /w:1 /r:1 /V /tee /log:"f:\backuprobocopyPerfLogs.log"
robocopy "c:\Program Files"  "F:\Backuprobocopy\Program Files" /MIR /XJD    /w:1 /r:1 /V /tee /log:"f:\backuprobocopyProgram Files.log"
robocopy "c:\Program Files (x86)"  "F:\Backuprobocopy\Program Files (x86)" /MIR /XJD    /w:1 /r:1 /V /tee /log:"f:\backuprobocopyProgram Files (x86).log"
robocopy "c:\ProgramData"  "F:\Backuprobocopy\ProgramData" /MIR /XJD    /w:1 /r:1 /V /tee /log:"f:\backuprobocopyProgramData.log"
robocopy "c:\Scripts"  "F:\Backuprobocopy\Scripts" /MIR /XJD    /w:1 /r:1 /V /tee /log:"f:\backuprobocopyScripts.log"
robocopy "c:\Shared Data"  "F:\Backuprobocopy\Shared Data" /MIR /XJD    /w:1 /r:1 /V /tee /log:"f:\backuprobocopyShared Data.log"
robocopy "c:\Users"  "F:\Backuprobocopy\Users" /MIR /XJD    /w:1 /r:1 /V /tee /log:"f:\backuprobocopyUsers.log"
robocopy "c:\Windows"  "F:\Backuprobocopy\Windows" /MIR /XJD    /w:1 /r:1 /V /tee /log:"f:\backuprobocopyWindows.log"
rem robocopy "c:\WSUS"  "F:\Backuprobocopy\WSUS" /MIR /XJD    /w:1 /r:1 /V /tee /log:"f:\backuprobocopyWSUS.log"

net start msexchangeadtopology /y
net start msftesql-exchange /y
net start msexchangeis /y
net start msexchangesa /y
net start iisadmin /y

PowerShell.exe -Command "Start-Service -name """MSsql*""" " 

PowerShell.exe -Command "Start-Service -name """MSExchange*""" "

PowerShell.exe -Command "Start-Service -name """BackupExec*""" "

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