Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jira and javascript Bookmarks


Sounds petty but I hate to pull down the menu in our Jira helpdesk app to log work.


So I thought why not make a bookmark to open the log work option. I love doing this with Reddit.com so that I see all images expanded.. I might put that some day.

The Code:

Well the code ended up like this:

javascript: JobKeyVAL=""; function LoadPlayer() { return window.open("/secure/CreateWorklog!default.jspa?id="+ JobKeyVAL,"_self");};  JobKeyVAL = document.getElementById("key-val").rel; LoadPlayer();

I am only using this on Chrome so if it doesn't work other places, sounds like you have something to figure out.
Drag this link to your bookmark bar to save it:


After you have this on the Bookmark toolbar, open an issue and click the bookmark.

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