Thursday, June 20, 2013

One Man Projects


I recently took another project management course and brought from it the same thing I have learned about in all the other project management courses I have taken. I can only take the concepts from a project management course and try to apply it to my work style of being one person of a project team that has one person for many roles. That person is the Project Manager, the worker, the resource, and the process manager of the project. All though that is not the only part of a project. There is also stakeholders, and the budget holder, this being mostly my time.


I have asked this question to myself and have been looking into it. I found a small blog that was titled "Project Management in One-Man Project".  It gives some good insight into this question.This blog then lead me to Stack Overflow and that also has some really good information.

This question I feel is going to lead me down a rabbit hole if I am not careful. I need to get some projects done.

Basically I need to spread this out into 4 major areas.

  1. Scope Management
  2. Task Management
  3. Project Management
  4. Communication Management.

The Result:

I guess I need to start implementing some of these ideas and get myself on track.

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